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Is there a specific book you regard as holy, such that a pledge taken upon it is, for you, a sacred oath? (The purpose of this question is ONLY to enable us to better respect YOUR choices and to make your ceremonial admission to I° a more intimate experience.)

The text below will be sent to us as your request and agreement, along with the information you have provided above. Don’t forget to print, complete, and mail the hard-copy version of this Fellowship Application.

You will be get a confirmation page if your submission is successful.

I, [your name], freely and of my own choosing, seeking only companionship and instruction in my aspiration to Light, hereby apply for admission to [the Lodge you specified above] of Aspirants to Light.

I understand that a private meeting will be arranged for me with representatives of the Lodge to discuss my application. If, thereafter, I elect to proceed, then I promise to persevere with courage and modesty through the ceremony of my admission.

I pledge myself, without reservation, ever to hold secret all details of the rituals and confidential instructions of Aspirants to Light, the proceedings at its private meetings, and the confidences of its members from every person in the world except those admitted into this Fellowship and who have neither resigned nor been expelled. I further promise to do my utmost to promote understanding, fellowship, and harmony among all people, and especially among fellow aspirants within this Fellowship.

To the Lodge, its principal officers, and the Grand Archons of the Fellowship, I pledge my allegiance in all matters pertaining to the instruction, ceremonial, and general policy, so long as I remain a member.

Should I resign or be expelled, I will adhere to my pledges to Aspirants to Light so long as I live, and will return to the Archon of my Lodge, any document or insignia pertaining to Aspirants to Light, whether lent to me, or purchased, or copied by me. In anticipation of the eventuality of my death, I shall make arrangements to have the same returned unexamined.

I also signify my belief in or acceptance of Divine Being as the source and goal of human life. I reserve to myself all freedom of thought, word, and deed regarding the particulars of my beliefs.

I have read and pondered the provisions of this preliminary pledge. I affix my signature hereto, on my honor, in witness of my determination to fulfill the letter and spirit of them all.

Last updated 12 Feb 2010 E.V.